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1.10.1 What do I do now?

You're probably asking yourself at this point what to do now that you've read these files. Well, the first and best thing to do would be to find a guild if you aren't in one already. HELP GUILDS will show you what guilds are available, and HELP <guildname> will show you some information on the guild.

Once you've decided what guild to join,  ask one of the members listed as able to induct. If you do not have an organization yet, seek out Cerise (HELP CERISE). She will be able to induct you into a city or council (HELP CITIES and HELP COUNCILS).

Once you have obtained a profession, the best thing to do would be to learn your skills with the lessons you have available to you (type STAT to see how many lessons you currently have).

After this, you will want to explore the newbie areas that are appropriate for your profession. Go to the room of Portals (type PORTALS) and read the sign there to see where you can go. You can also go ratting (HELP RATTING) or collect butterflies (HELP BUTTERFLIES) for gold.

An important thing to do as quickly as possible is to gain some money for a backpack, or learn where the bank is in a friendly city (HELP BANKING). The reason for this is that when you die, any gold you are holding in your inventory will fall to the ground unless it is stored in a container.

Once you've done this, the sky is the limit. The choices are up to you, but exploration is probably always a good thing. As you wander the land, you'll encounter a variety of creatures and people. Some will be hostile and some not, and many of the sentient creatures will have things to say to you. Greeting them with a friendly emote like HI or GREET will often elicit a response, and you may get clues this way as to quests.

Lastly, remember that a MUD is not a single-player game. It is designed to be enjoyed with other players, and finding a big player that will mentor and teach you is probably the best way to learn. Don't be afraid to ask for help from other players or Gods, and _please_ read the HELP files. Just type HELP on its own, and you will get an index of help files.