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Born from the fires of the orc hordes and the blood of demons, the Lorekeepers
are known to place honour, knowledge, and the protection of their beloved home
above all else.

Through the practice of chivalry, they learn the art of the blade, the care of
their kestrel, and the knowledge of honourable combat. With smithing, they
forge the very tools of their deadly combative art. The armour and blades then
enhanced and refined with the most mysterious and powerful of their skills,

By crafting Runes with ink, the Lorekeepers can alter reality to match their
will. With this skill they can create burning blades, magick proof armour, even
the ability to resist death itself. The lore surrounding these arts are
mysteries to but a few. It is a skill both to be respected and feared, for they
make formidable allies and deadly enemies. Gifting you with both the protection
and power of their arts, or freezing the very soul of their foes. To blacken
the honour of a Lorekeeper is to invite death itself.