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5.9.6 Trade Skill - Masonry

The art of masonry, the art of stonecrafting is the most difficult of the
craftskills. Carving stone is a tiring, expensive craft. Only the most
dedicated artists will undertake it.

To become a professional mason, you must be trained by the craft guild of a
major city. Go to the craft guild office and BUY MASONRY PERMIT. The craft
guild assesses a fee of 100 credits for the permit, which does not expire. Once
a licensed mason, you will have basic ability in the Masonry miniskill. The
more you train in this skill, the higher quality your work will be. Eventually
you will be able to resculpt old masonry to repair it and chisel incised words
into your works.

Creating masonry objects is extremely expensive, be prepared to need hundreds
of stone comms to make statues and fountains.

- PATTERN LIST MASONRY: To see all the patterns available to you.