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2.17 Queueing Commands

Syntax: QUEUE BAL [top] <command>
           - Add a command to be executed when you regain balance. The optional 
             "top" will put the command on the front of the queue. Otherwise it is
             added to the bottom of the queue.
        QUEUE EQ [top] <command>
           - Add a command to be executed when you regain equilibrium.
        QUEUE EQBAL [top] <command>
           - Add a command to be executed when you regain both balance
             and equilibrium.
           - List what is currently on your respective queues.
           - Clear your queue.
           - This will echo the command back to you when your queue fires.

Imperian supports a method which allows you to queue a command for automatic execution when you regain balance, equilibrium, or either. By adding a command to a queue, it will be attempted automatically when you regain the relevant balance(s). This can be a useful tactic to employ if you suffer a particularly slow connection, or a great way to shave all-important milliseconds off your offensive when involved in PvP.

You can add up to 10 items on each queue. Queue'd items on each queue operate on a first in, first out principle unless you use the "top" option to place a command on the top of your queue. Each item on your queue will execute when you gain the appropriate balance. For example, if you add "kick orc" to your queue three times, it will kick orc, wait for balance, kick orc, wait for balance, then kick orc again.  

Queues will always fire in the following order (assuming their equilibrium and balance requirements are met): EQBAL, followed by BAL, followed by EQ.

Some things in AUTOCURING will add items automatically to your eqbal queue. See HELP AUTOCURING for how to configure those settings.

Similar to queues, the following commands can be used to only execute a given command if you the associated balance:

    Only execute the following command(s) if you have balance.
    Only execute the following command(s) if you have EQUILIBRIUM.
    Only execute the follow command(s) if you have both EQUILIBRIUM and BALANCE.

If you were looking for the Arena Queue, see HELP QUEUE.