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Marked by the formation of the Clerics in 1100 AA, missionaries preached ways of peace and prosperity to peoples throughout Aetherius. Calling upon the holy power granted to them by the Gods, they became known for performing miracles and wonders in an effort to draw people of all races and professions to unify against the foul orc and ogre Horde from the East.

The role of a Cleric is manifold - preacher of the Gods, healer of the ailing, zealous bringer of Justice, and educator of the masses. Though most choose to specialize, it is the duty of all Clerics to serve in all these things to the best of their own abilities. Many of them have been known to set up schools to educate any who would learn, regardless of wealth, or small hospitals to heal infirmities. They respect all Divine, no matter Their realm, and can be found working in the service of many of Them. In times of peace, they are well-known for their reasonable behaviour, even toward those with whom they hold disagreements in the use of magick. When trouble breaks out, however, few can surpass the fanatism of those amongst the Clerics who have chosen the role of a warrior.

Though many of them are seekers of peace, the guild is certainly no small group of pacifistic cowards spouting mere words. The Clerics seek to bring about an era of peace and prosperity by reaching out in kindness to those who will let them, but wield the power of their faith against all who would harm and enslave others for power or pleasure.