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The tailor's art is that of transforming regular cloth, leather, and thread
into magnificent vestments fit for a sultan, fearsome uniforms of elite
fighting units, or modest coverings to warm old bones on frigid nights.

To become a professional tailor, you must be trained by the craft guild of a
major city. Go to the craft guild office and BUY TAILORING PERMIT. The
craft guild assesses a fee of 100 credits for the permit, which does not
expire. Once a licensed tailor, you will have basic ability in the Tailoring
miniskill. The more experienced your tailoring becomes, the higher quality 
your products will be, in durability and prestige. Eventually you will even
be able to create your own designs, repair clothing, and stitch custom
embroidery into items.

- PATTERN LIST TAILORING:  To see all the different patterns available to you.