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8.3 The Position of Guildmaster

The Guildmaster of a guild is the political leader and often the most
accomplished member of the guild. He or she is chosen by election among all
guild members with a guildrank of three or above. You may read about
elections in HELP ELECTIONS.

As Guildmaster, you will be the sole member of your guild with guildrank
twenty, and will have all the powers of the guild. While a guildmaster may
appoint secretaries, who have most powers of the guildmaster.

The responsibilities of the Guildmaster include appointing the Secretaries and Head of Novices, settling inter-guild disputes, and conducting
or overseeing political relations with other guilds and organizations.

While a Guildmaster may, at his or her option, choose to expel a
guildmember, the Gods prefer that some leniency is given, especially for
young members.

All the powers that the Guildmaster has may be seen using GUILD PRIVS
(assuming you are guildmaster).