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24.30 Doubloons

A pirate ship has run ashore in the Aori Bay and Captain Felton 'Freebooter' Whitley was washed ashore along with many of his belongings. The captain is distressed as he was knocked unconscious upon crashing and when he awoke on the sandy beach all of his golden doubloons had been scattered. Many were lost and he has been unable to find them. The Captain needs them back and will let characters borrow artifacts from his vast collection if they return doubloons to him. 

Apparently many creatures across the land have scavenged the doubloons and they can be found by adventurers as they battle many of the creatures across the land. Completing spawn wave areas will reward players with golden doubloons.

Little does he know, his ex-sailing compatriot, Jane 'Barnacle' Garside, has hauled off with a large portion of the golden doubloons and is selling them to other players further inland for some booty of her own. She can be found in the barroom of the Blue Knuckle Inn.

You will only be able to gather 10 doubloons per day and you can only have a maximum amount of 200. You could then find 7 doubloons from doubloon areas and then buy 3 more from Jane Garside.

Each doubloon has an equivalent value of 25 credits when borrowing artifacts from Felton. For example, if you would like to borrow a Blood Pendant (500 credit item), so that you may battle mobs a bit more efficiently, it would cost 20 doubloons. You would then have increased critical hit damage allowing you to quickly earn more doubloons! Saving the maximum 200 doubloons would be worth 5,000 credits of borrowed items.

Displays how many golden doubloons you currently have and how many more you may find or buy today.

List the areas where you may be able to find doubloons. You may only find one doubloon per area in a 24 hour period.

List the details of a specific area.

List all of the items you have borrowed from Felton and how much longer until you have to return them.

Use your doubloons to borrow an artifact from Captain Felton for about seven real days (not game days). You will be asked to AGREE before he hands over the item. Not all items may be rented. Particularly items with a limited number uses. ARTIFACT list has a column indicating if an artifact may be rented and its associated ID number.

BUY <num> DOUBLOONS FROM <jane> 
Jane will sell you doubloons for gold, but she only has a limited amount and they are very expensive. You will be asked to AGREE before she hands over golden doubloons.

List the 10 top times for the specified area.

List all the areas, best times as well as your personal best.

The game keeps track of who is bashing out a doubloon area. Doubloons will be rewarded to players killing over 30% of the mobs in the spawn waves. Keep in mind, not all the mobs in the area count toward this, particularly when the spawn waves advance and there are mobs left in the area. You only get credit for a kill if you land the final blow.