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Test Your Memory!

Test your memory this weekend with our memory match game! Jump on the tiles to find matches, and see some familiar faces among the tiles. The first five to finish will get unbound credit prizes for each event. All participants will get daily credits.

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Imperian is getting a new, non-combat game! Our own little maze game where you compete to see who can get from one end of the maze to the other the fastest. Of course with GMCP and maps and pathfinding that might seem a bit too easy, but what if those didn’t work or *gasp* lied…

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Tournament of Ages

The Tournament of Ages is now fully underway in Imperian! Merriwether’s Bunny Mark II has escaped and it’s mutating and replicating at crazy speeds! It was only due to the fortunate landing of a meteor in the ocean that these crazy clockworks were discovered before they could replicate to the point that they could wipe…

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Spawnwave Challenge

The SpawnWave Challenge is running on Imperian through June. The challenge is an event in which characters earn credits for completing spawnwave areas. Characters earn rewards for every unique area. The more areas finished, the more credits a character may earn per area. Characters may complete areas together. To earn completion credits, a persona must…

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A Thread Cut Short

After years of silence, the entity known as Nenmeri finally revealed herself once again to the people of Aetherius. Taking a moment to survey the ruins of the temple of the Hidden Hand, she was caught unaware by her fellow entity, Miriel. Though the exchange began initially as a friendly conversation about the nature of…

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Imperian’s Level 100 Challenge

Imperian is running a unique contest for the month of March. All new characters created this month that can manage to reach level 100, will instantly receive 1,000 bound credits for free. That’s right, 1,000 FREE Credits. If you want to take advantage, you need to jump in soon so you have time to reach level 100 before…

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Drunken Mouse Hunt

Ironbeard has accidentally released thousands of drunken mice across the realms of Imperian and desperately needs you to recover them. Anyone that recovers a mouse for him will get a free festive stocking to hang up for the holiday season. (HELP STOCKINGS). In addition, the players to catch the most mice for Ironbeard through the…

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Clockwork Design Contest

As we teased on Twitter a couple days ago (, Imperian will be holding a design contest. This contest will be followed by a Great Hunt. How do these things go together you ask? Let me explain. Merriwether Nightingale is looking for designs for clockwork creatures from mechanically enthused characters. She is looking to create…

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Find It Weekend

Remember that we are running eight events this weekend on Imperian. All of these event revolve around finding items across the world of Imperian. The top five contestants will win credit prizes. 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 credits each. For more information read HELP SOUL TRAP and HELP HUNTGAME. Saturday, May 20th, 2017 00:00: Soul…

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The New Diabolist

Whispers of a Diabolist were heard within Stavenn and Khandava, calling any who would listen to her bidding. She opened a portal, allowing residents the ability to meet her on the edge of the Planes. Caelya was the one to answer the call and stepped through. It is there she met the Diabolist and was…

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