Clockwork Design Contest

As we teased on Twitter a couple days ago (, Imperian will be holding a design contest. This contest will be followed by a Great Hunt.

How do these things go together you ask? Let me explain.

Merriwether Nightingale is looking for designs for clockwork creatures from mechanically enthused characters. She is looking to create powerful assistants that can help him work in the lab and defend his humble home.

Once the contest is over, Merriwether will build the winning designs which will lead to a Great Hunt. I think you can see where this is going.

You can find Merriwether, and her brother Cobham, in the Ravana Hills.

Submit your clockwork creature designs by emailing her at Please put “Merriwether’s Design Contest” in the subject line.

Each design must include the following:

  1. A short desc: a small, pink pig
  2. A room desc: A small, pink pig stands here in a small puddle.
  3. An extended desc: This pig has soft pink skin and a cute curly tail. Its skin is spotted with mud. It hops from puddle to puddle, waggling its tail and oinking contently.
  4. An enter message: A small, pink pig waddles in from the $DIR.
  5. An exit message: A small, pink pig squeals as it waddles away to the $DIR.
  6. A death message: A pitiful, pink pig lies dead on the ground.
  7. Three attack messages: A pink pig charges, ramming you with its cute little head.

The top three designers will get 250 credits and a special honors line. All characters who enter the contest will receive a credit reward. Note that each designer can only win once, but you can enter multiple times to increase your chance of winning. We will be selecting the top three designers.

The deadline for entry is July 1st and the Great Hunt will be on July 8th and 9th. More information about the Great Hunt will be released soon.

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