Tournament of Ages

The Tournament of Ages is now fully underway in Imperian!

Merriwether’s Bunny Mark II has escaped and it’s mutating and replicating at crazy speeds! It was only due to the fortunate landing of a meteor in the ocean that these crazy clockworks were discovered before they could replicate to the point that they could wipe out all of Imperian. Help Merriwether and her brother Cobham free the continent of these creatures in a number of different events such as

  1. Bunny Hunts — Dig up the bunnies and forcibly “deactivate” them.
  2. Egg hunts — Find the replication machine eggs that the bunnies are using in a quick race to collect the most.
  3. Bunny Hides — Scout the world while hiding from the bunnies. Get one point for each room visited, but lose points if you enter a room with a bunny.
  4. Race Game — Travel as fast as you can from one room to another. But the closer to bunnies you get, the slower you will move. Try as many times as you like to get the top score in 30 minutes.
  5. Arena Games — Practice your bunny slaying in a series of arena games throughout the tournament.

The top scorers in each event will win unbound credits (50, 40, 30, 20 and 10), and every participant will receive daily credits. The bunny hunt is run twice per day and the other games are run once per day. Each game starts 2 hours later the next day to try to rotate them through all the time zones.

In addition, there is a dueling tournament to choose the best of the best fighters. The tournament has started the seeding round, which will then separate into pools and finally an elimination tournament. There are prizes for each game, and an ultimate 1000 credit prize at the end.

To see the schedule, type SCHEDULE LIST while in game. Have fun!

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