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20.4.6 Metalworking Approval Rules

The rules that cover metalworking differ depending upon whether one is working with a diagram, which will create an individual item, or a layout, which is used by smiths to customize a weapon or piece of armour.

Please note: If you are a metalworker but not a smith, you will be able to design, submit and pick up a layout, but you will need to find a smith to apply it to your armour.

I. Metalworking items must be made primarily of metal, and that metal must exist within Aetherius. Creations meant to be glass-based are now considered acceptable, within the usual crafting limits of Imperian. All ores may, of course, be used for both layouts and diagrams, with the exception of the bone ingot. All other inorganic materials may be used as decoration or incorporated into a design as needed.

II. For diagrams, items that are not intended to be moved (beds, chandeliers, etcetera) may be described as one would describe furniture: stationary. For all other items and for layouts, the item should be described as if it can be moved.

III. Despite the fact that orichalcum and veritum glow, they cannot be described as "glowing" in designs.

IV. Chandeliers, sconces, lanterns, candlesticks, and candelabra MAY be described or have their light source described as lit. For example, "A chandelier of blue glass hangs from the ceiling, shining soft light into the room." All other items may only glow, shimmer, shine, etcetera, if exposed to an external light source.

V. Armour layouts and any wearable diagram-based items may not be described as if the resulting customized armour or item is being worn. Similarly, they may not refer to the skin or flesh of the intended wearer. As with other similar designs, you can describe how it is worn on a conditional basis (when worn, designed to hang, etc) and it may refer to skin, flesh, fur, or scales if the item is customized to restrict only to those races which have such.

VI. Any engraved words must be engraved onto the item after it is created, using the Engraving skill in metalworking. Note that you can describe the style, placement and other design details of the engraving in the description.