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Archive for March 2018

A Thread Cut Short

After years of silence, the entity known as Nenmeri finally revealed herself once again to the people of Aetherius. Taking a moment to survey the ruins of the temple of the Hidden Hand, she was caught unaware by her fellow entity, Miriel. Though the exchange began initially as a friendly conversation about the nature of…

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Nexus Updated

We’re pleased to announce that the new version of Nexus is now live at Full documentation can be found here: Full list of updated items: For those who don’t remember the specifics of the update, here’s the list again: The scrollback system has been rewritten, fixing issues with the scrollback position jumping around…

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Fireworks, Papercrafting, and Apothecary

We’ve just loaded Imperians long-promised tradeskills: Fireworks, Papercrafting, and Apothecary. Papercrafting Papercrafting is the art of making paper, letters, and journals. Initially, the crafter can only create paper. Paper is used in the creation of the other Papercrafting products. A transcendent crafter may create scrolls, letters, journals, books, and tomes. We have finally moved this…

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The Best Bugs are Dead Bugs

Here are the changes from today’s #BugDay. Huge thank you to all the players that came and hung out with us. Look forward to the three new trade skills and major classlead updates coming in the next few days. Updated Thespia AB files to include SING ALL Gromgar in Skegdald works once again. You can…

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Imperian’s Level 100 Challenge

Imperian is running a unique contest for the month of March. All new characters created this month that can manage to reach level 100, will instantly receive 1,000 bound credits for free. That’s right, 1,000 FREE Credits. If you want to take advantage, you need to jump in soon so you have time to reach level 100 before…

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