Nexus Updated

We’re pleased to announce that the new version of Nexus is now live at

Full documentation can be found here:

Full list of updated items:

For those who don’t remember the specifics of the update, here’s the list again:

  • The scrollback system has been rewritten, fixing issues with the scrollback position jumping around when text was received from the game.
  • Double-clicking the scrollback window will now close it.
  • The logging system was overhauled, removing the over-time lag that would happen while logging was active. The timed playback of logs was removed, but this allowed a greater amount of text to be logged than before.
  • New configuration options were added:
    • “Copy on select” will automatically copy selected text in the main output window to your clipboard.
    • “Show timestamps in logs” will toggle whether to show timestamps in logs.
    • “Prepend history on logging start” will prepend the existing text in your output window to the beginning of the log.
  • Copying text from the output window no longer places an additional blank line between lines.
  • Simplified scripting actions now support hex color code entry when picking colors.
  • Simplified scripting will now autocomplete variable names with or without the @ symbol.
  • Simplified scripting now has an action to modify the buttons (Labels, commands, and highlight status).
  • API functions were added for the button manipulation.
    • buttons_set_label(id, text)
    • buttons_set_commands(id, cmds)
    • buttons_set_highlight(id, on_off)
    • buttons_set_default(id)
  • Entering a room with something you have targeted will now correctly show the map and other room information.

For a full list of features, check out and you can log in right now and use it at

If you encounter any issues or would like to offer feedback about Nexus, please use the feedback form in the settings window (click on the cog icons in the lower-right of the main window).

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