Fireworks, Papercrafting, and Apothecary

We’ve just loaded Imperians long-promised tradeskills: Fireworks, Papercrafting, and Apothecary.


Papercrafting is the art of making paper, letters, and journals. Initially, the crafter can only create paper. Paper is used in the creation of the other Papercrafting products. A transcendent crafter may create scrolls, letters, journals, books, and tomes. We have finally moved this skill from Artistry and created Papercrafting. Let the rejoicing begin.


Fireworks is the tradeskill of the pyrotechnic. The skill allows the practitioner to create a variety of fireworks, each one having a different effect. Some cause effects in the same room while others will be displayed across an entire area. Some fireworks allow the crafter to submit ANSI art which may be seen in many rooms. Boomcrackers, smoke bombs, fire fountains, and massive fireworks can be made by those with this tradeskill.


Apothecary is a skill which allows the user to mix a variety of ingredients to create oils, perfumes, soaps, candles, and a variety of cosmetic items. Don’t be fooled by how short this list is. It comes with new commodities you need to gather and harvest and a plethora of different cosmetic types. You can make lipstick, toenail polish, face powders, and more.

You may find the full help files for each of these new skills: HELP PAPERCRAFTING, HELP FIREWORKS, and HELP APOTHECARY.


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