The Best Bugs are Dead Bugs

Here are the changes from today’s #BugDay. Huge thank you to all the players that came and hung out with us. Look forward to the three new trade skills and major classlead updates coming in the next few days.

  • Updated Thespia AB files to include SING ALL
  • Gromgar in Skegdald works once again.
  • You can now quickly check amulet charge strength with – AMULET CHARGE (HELP AMULETS).
  • LESSONS now shows an -estimated- number of lessons needed to max the skillset.
  • Fixed a problem with the Celidon caretakers quest. Specifically turning animals back in and some issues with the Hippo.
  • now includes whether the room is ‘indoors’, ‘considered indoors’ (for example, due to a canopy), or ‘outdoors’.
  • gmcp replica attributes now include ‘a’ if it’s a mob that is agro to you.
  • The Beast relic has been fixed and will summon mobs as detailed in the help file.
  • You can now check your cult or sect relic points at an altar with CULT RELIC POINTS.
  • Several changes to players messages when looking at a room. All of the cosmetic messages are hidden if the player has recently been in combat. This includes things like the demonic sigil, aspect look messages, and artifact cloak messages.
  • A sniffing handkerchief can be put in the glass box now. It was not properly flagged as an artifact.
  • Sentry lantern, propaganda poster, and pet glance will work cross plane correctly.
  • The balm of emboldening no longer works on mobs already affected by it.
  • Sentry lanterns now work on the Tome of the Rashirmir portal.
  • You will no longer appear to be sitting with yourself if your pet glances into your room while you’re sitting. (Same goes for lying down).
  • Ordering a pet to GIVE ALL doesn’t also hand over the saddle anymore.
  • The plague area maluses have been added to the Champions help file (Not actually in yet, but it will be soon).

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