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8.17.1 The Animists

In the year 400 AA, after 100 years of living in silence, Lyria crafted a plan to bring Kinsarmar to justice and free them from their bondage to the Empire of Stavenn. Sometime after Lyria fled Kinsarmar, she encountered a group living in
the deep forest, to whom she pleaded to aide her in freeing her home, warning those of the forest that they could be next. A small group of Druids, led by a woman named Elioclya, the Augur, approached Lyria and spoke to her of their desire to be a part of civilization, binding the knowledge of the city with the lore of Nature.

The aid of these people helped Lyria and her city greatly. As the Stavenn troops were marching through the forest on their way to Kinsarmar, they were suddenly attacked by a stunning magickal force that seemed to bring the forest to life. The Imperial soldiers were attacked by trees that seemed to think and act on their own consciousness. As the Stavennites fought in vain against the encroaching forest, nature rose up against the Imperial Army to quench their hostile invasion. They did not know it at the time, but this magick was the art carefully honed by the Animists.

Historically, Kinsarmar has been a beacon of magick and the Animists carry on that tradition, helping to expand the practice of magick through Nature.  The Animists teach the younger druids,  in the old ways and  new to tend and heal the forests.  To use their skills to turn the forces of nature against those who would threaten it.  The Animists, hold a love and respect for nature, that guides the actions of their lives.  Druids pride themselves, as the guardians of nature and, stand at the forefront as natures preservers and defenders.  They stand alongside the city of Kinsarmar, and nature, to use their knowledge of druidry, to help defend both.

"The Animists aim to bond, or integrate nature and civilization; they believe everyone lives in a type of a civilization. It might not all be the same as a city but, it is still civilization. It is all an attempt, to create a balance. Animists strive to ensure that nature will continue to thrive even in the civilized realms. Animists feel that by living in the city, they are able to help spread the word to their city mates that nature was here before civilization, and without it, the realm as a whole would not thrive as it does now. The philosophy of the Animists, is take only what you need and give thrice back."