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18.2 Lunar Auras

One of the more significant effects of the extremely rare alignment of the Moons, known at the Triple Eclipse, are the auras that can envelop individuals at random. Each night, at Midnight, many people across the land can find themselves blessed with the sacred aura of one of the three moons, each offering a variety of different effects. They last until the next midnight, when they either fade, or if a person is lucky, are replaced by another aura.                                           

The unique edifice known as the Lunar Pylon can, however, grant lesser versions of these auras, even without the Eclipse. They may be claimed by walking through the Pylon via PASS THROUGH PYLON, assuming that the person doing so is a member of the organization that has won it in a continental contest.

A person affected by an aura will find which one in their defences(using DEF), and it will also be visible when they are looked at. The auras are:                                                              

Bliss of Life
A restorative aura that will cause a person to rapidly regenerate health, mana, and reserves.                                  

Boon of Change
A lucky aura that will increase the chance of critical hits, as well as the amount of gold creatures can drop.                                  

Fist of Terror
A strengthening aura that both increases damage dealt, and reduces damage taken.                                                           

The Auras themselves are a reflection of the Diachaim, and free of the influences of any circle, be it magick, anti-magick or demonic. It is considered most fortuitous to be blessed by one, and only occur during the rare Triple Eclipse, though a lesser aura may be received by passing through the Lunar Pylon if it has been won by your city or council.