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Announce News Posts: 3622-3583

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3622Jul 25th, 2017Various Design ChangesJeremyEveryone
3621Jul 23rd, 2017Auction!JeremyEveryone
3620Jul 22nd, 2017Bug FixesJeremyEveryone
3619Jul 21st, 2017General UpdateJeremyEveryone
3618Jul 18th, 2017New AchievementsJeremyEveryone
3617Jul 12th, 2017Merriwether's ClockworksJeremyEveryone
3616Jul 12th, 2017Messages and MeJeremyEveryone
3615Jul 9th, 2017Pronunciation SituationEoghanEveryone
3614Jul 8th, 2017Extra CreditJeremyEveryone
3613Jul 7th, 2017Reminders GaloreJeremyEveryone
3612Jul 7th, 2017Stream Reminder!EoghanEveryone
3611Jul 6th, 2017Clockwork Design ContestJeremyEveryone
3610Jul 6th, 2017Great Hunt WeekendJeremyEveryone
3609Jul 3rd, 2017Tome Price ChangesJeremyEveryone
3608Jul 1st, 2017July Sale and New ArtifactsJeremyEveryone
3607Jun 30th, 2017Merriwether's Design ContestJeremyEveryone
3606Jun 29th, 2017Twitch MeetingJeremyEveryone
3605Jun 29th, 2017Minor FixesJeremyEveryone
3604Jun 28th, 2017No Way OutDruuEveryone
3603Jun 26th, 2017City AmnestyJeremyEveryone
3602Jun 25th, 2017Configurable AccentsEoghanEveryone
3601Jun 23rd, 2017July 7th Lore TwitchJeremyEveryone
3600Jun 23rd, 2017Artifact FixesJeremyEveryone
3599Jun 22nd, 2017Weekly UpdatesEoghanEveryone
3598Jun 20th, 2017Bug Resolution HiccupEoghanEveryone
3597Jun 19th, 2017Design ContestJeremyEveryone
3596Jun 19th, 2017Earrings Updated!JeremyEveryone
3595Jun 18th, 2017Happy Father's Day!DecEveryone
3594Jun 17th, 2017Bugs, Typos, and IdeasDecEveryone
3593Jun 12th, 2017Weekly UpdatesEoghanEveryone
3592Jun 7th, 2017Artifact FixesJeremyEveryone
3591Jun 5th, 2017This Week's UpdatesEoghanEveryone
3590Jun 5th, 2017Artifact FixesJeremyEveryone
3589Jun 5th, 2017Shard Attune Bug FixedEoghanEveryone
3588Jun 3rd, 2017Five TributesDecEveryone
3587Jun 1st, 2017Wheel ChangeJeremyEveryone
3586Jun 1st, 2017Twitch not UStreamJeremyEveryone
3585Jun 1st, 2017June SaleJeremyEveryone
3584May 31st, 2017Minor UpdatesEoghanEveryone
3583May 30th, 2017Weekend EventsJeremyEveryone

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