News and Events

2017 News Years Post!

It's a New Year! What a perfect time to look at our goals from 2016, see how we did, and look forward to 2017.

Our main goal in 2016 was more events, more lore, and increased story. Here are the major events we ran in the year:

The Plagues: We expanded on the story of Legion and Shade. It started with the plagues released upon the land. The reaper, the horned one, the beholder, and more were sent into the land and can now be mastered by the champions through the use of their boneyards.

Raiding has come!

Raiding has officially come to Imperian. 

While you have always been able to raid, you can now do it with style. You can kidnap citizens from other cities or steal some of their monuments. What better way to show how dominant you are over other organisations? 

It works like this.

Month of Scares' Game Week!

For the week of October 9-15th, Viotre, Master of the Skeleton Games will be hosting a week of events! We will be handling prizes a little differently this time, so read carefully!

The New Diabolist

Whispers of a Diabolist were heard within Stavenn and Khandava, calling any who would listen to her bidding.

The Triumphant Lord

A bestial scream rang out over the realm as it was revealed Oassaosh, the Imp Lord was triumphant in his endeavor to gain the most soul energy.

Tournament of Champions

Do you like to PvP? Let's get it on. The Tournament of Champions has been announced and will take place at the end of August. Read on to learn more of the details! 

Ananda's Failure, Hadak's loss, Luriele's Hope

Meddling in affairs they know little about - Ananda, Luriele, and Hadak met at the Caanae Library, hoping to open a gateway into the Underworld to allow safe passage.

The Mirror of Flesh

Charon and Chaken knew it was their time to strike with the soul energy they collected, so they did what the could, calling on the power of the great energy bound to them.

Sola'rae's Insanity

The soul energy came to a peak, leaving the world slightly settled, and yet, in disarray. 

The Doubting Pilgrim

It was late in the night when a wayward soul sought an audience with the old Archpriest of Death, Chaken.

The Mirror of Flesh Reformed!

After resting broken for decades after the coming of the Legion, it seems the Mirror of Flesh has managed to knit itself back together!

2016 Tournament of Ages Schedule

The Tournament of Ages will begin May 1st at Midnight GMT. That's Saturday for those of us in the US.

There are nine full days of events and all participants will earn points that will convert to credits at the end of the festivities.

You can check out the full schedule below.

Games will happen in three locations:

The Invasion of Skegdald

Urzog and his Eastern Horde have assaulted and slaughtered the former inhabitants of Skegdald, for reasons that have not been made clear. The capability of the Eastern Horde was on full display however, with the entire area filled with blood, gore, and fire.

Forgotten Memories

Nine memories were discovered over the past few months, some of the fallen Goddess Eloweth, the others of the tormented God the Legion. Once all nine were discovered, more reflections were released, however, these ones belonged to the Mad God Malkav.

New Client Release!

The newest version of the Nexus client has been released and it is amazing. You can try it out right here:

Rebuilding the Tenth Monolith

As the six pieces of the monolith settled within each city and council of the world, arguments began to spread as they debated who should be the one to hold such a powerful relic.

The Tenth Monolith

A great explosion erupted from the volcano in Yhumara, causing a rockslide within the underwater cavern. As the rocks cleared it revealed a cave, leading to the tenth, and final, monolith.

Hormack, of the Order of Sages, was thrilled to finally find the missing piece to centuries of work within the Order. Ageranu, Vasharr, Arakis, Oystir, Theophilus, Leighanna, Pellerin, Salik, Favrielle, and Mercer gathered to listen to Hormack speak of the monolith. He began deciphering the runes, however, only a few were legible.

The Oath

For months Urzog sent his cultist into the world, slaughtering mortals in hopes to spread his "word."

Imperian in 2016

Our focus for 2016 is three pronged: Events, revamping existing systems, and releasing new systems.

Role Play and Events

Return of the Legion?

It was a cold morning that Aetherius awoke to the very ground shuddering and shaking beneath their feet. Down below, in the bowels of Dis, they soon learned the Legion of the Fallen has not been quiet in his occupation of the underworld. Pulling a shade from his body, the Legion tasked it to prove itself to him, and sent it hurtling to the Prime Material Plane.

Ironbeard vs Silverbeard

Ironbeard has a long lost brother, Silverbeard, who is tired of his brother getting all the attention. Yulia, Ironbeard's wife, has challenged her so-called "ungrateful brother-in-law" to see who gets more help, Ironbeard, or Silverbeard.

Turkeys, Turkeys, and more Turkeys!

The world was startled today by the cacophonous noise of hundreds of turkeys. Some investigation has revealed a humble turkey farmer in the Bardosi who has thrown open his barn doors to welcome potential customers onto his farm.


It's that time once again - classlead submissions are open! HELP CLASSLEADS explains the process. As with previous rounds, each player can submit up to 8 reports.

Switching Circles

It is now possible to switch circles without losing professions from your old circle. This means that players can now hold professions from two or three different circles.


The Wardancer class is no more, and in their place, the Berserker profession now exists! The vast majority of Wardancer skills (pretty much everything except the kicks and some useless attacks) have been moved over into two of the new skills (Maiming and Rampage), and a new skill has been added - Warchants.