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By twelve hundred and eight years after The Awakening the city of Antioch had
become quite developed. Many Clerics began to feel as though the city was
focusing too much on their conflict with the Stavennites and not enough on
self-fulfillment in service to the Divine. After several years of trying to
affect change from within the Guild a small group, led by Rymon Yilun, left
Antioch on a journey of discovery.

They traversed the desert for two months before entering Wadi Manoa the Paran
Mountains to the south of the Shaahri desert. As they climbed upwards the
mountain walls on either side of the dry riverbed grew taller and they noticed
caves along the top of the walls. They sent a few scouts to explore the caves
and found that they were actually connected to each other deep within the heart
of the mountain. It is here that they founded the Monastery of Manoa and the
Guild of Taekyon.

Once the Monastery was established, the Taekyon abandoned the knowledge of the
Clerics. Through meditation and observing their surroundings they developed the
new disciplines of Taekate, Telepathy and Kaido. While the Taekyon have
traditionally kept to themselves they have maintained loose ties to Antioch and
have traditionally been granted the same rights as citizens of Antioch. In
times of trouble the Taekyon aid Antioch but retreat to their mountain
meditations the moment the battle is over.