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As the War of Avarice began, Caanae's eastern trade routes grew in importance.
In 1852, a retired general, Ferlern Batrisi, was asked to take up the post of
Governor of the Eastern Foothills and to form a small force that could protect
the eastern trade route while the army was busy with Stavenn. That same
year a small compound was built to train the force and serve as their base.
Though Batrisi was successful in protecting the routes it still wasn't enough
to keep Caanae supplied during the war. As a gesture of gratitude the easter
foothills were declared to be the Province of Batrisia.

Over the years the Batrisi family built up the original compound to include a
large building and several smaller ones. This enabled the outpost to provide
additional services. Traders would time their journeys to coincide with the
weekly market day, travelers were provided with food and a place to rest the
night and fresh horses were always available.

When the Hordes arrived from the east the very first place attacked was the
Batrisian Outpost. By then the governorship of Batrisia had passed down seven
generations to Leopol Batrisi. Leopol was a great governor and had a flair for
building up the stature of Batrisia but he had no military training. The Hordes
met with little resistance and attacked with such surprise that Leopol's wife
was slain in her bed while still fast asleep. A lone survivor of the raid,
Lynia Gleron, managed to escape and warn the leaders of Caanae, but not before
she was physically harmed.

For centuries the outpost has been dormant as rumors persisted that it is
haunted. Recently a descendant of Lynia Gleron has taken it upon himself to
restore the Batrisian Outpost to honor his mother's memory.