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12.15.11 Alekmanhala's Lair

The so-called Fire King was imprisoned in the year 448 AD by Lady Lianthe, forcing him to live his days in the vents of the mountain alone. Or so we thought.

Alekmanhala's history is a twisted one, one filled with deception and hatred for his own race. When Lianthe trapped him within the Lair she wished for his race to turn on him, to destroy him for what he did to them, however, that is not what happened.

Alekmanhala was able to overtake the Volcano as his own, forcing those of the secret Vents to do his bidding, creating an army of mechanical golems, and fueling his revenge on the hardened diachaim of shards.

Within this Lair he brewed for centuries, till the death of Lianthe allowed the barrier she placed to begin fading. He waited, and plotted against the races of man to come back, to take control, and to take over the world. However, the Heroes of the Vents rose together and created a secondary barrier, keeping him locked within his Lair for now.