New End Game

The great Triple Eclipse led to the unveiling of the Moon Forge and has granted access to the elemental planes. Level 100 characters may now build strongholds in the elemental planes and fortify them. The Aspect end game for Imperian has been updated.

Here are the highlights:

  • All aspects are now aspects of the unified moon and may gain access to any of the fifteen original aspect skills.
  • With the unified moon, access to the Moon Forge has opened. GAZE FORGE to travel to it.
  • At the Moon Forge, you may choose an elemental AFFINITY. Having an elemental affinity allows you to travel to the four elemental planes
  • Elemental planes mirror places on the prime material plane, but the damage done when using abilities is considerably different based on the plane and your affinity.
  • Aspects can build STRONGHOLDS on their chosen plane and fortify them against invasion.
  • Aspect powers use and drain SPIRIT, which you gather by gaining experience or converting lessons
  • Monoliths still exist, but now they focus on the affinity of the holder.
  • Players may choose which of the fifteen skills to power, but higher-level skills cost more monoliths to power (1 to 5)
  • Each affinity is automatically given the equivalent power of two monoliths. For example, if fire controls 1 monolith, fire affinity characters have the equivalent of 3 monolith points to choose powers from.
  • Previously purchased permanent monoliths and monolith powers have been converted into vast amounts of spirit.

You may review all of the Aspect help files here:

Happy Plane Hopping!

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