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4096May 8th, 2022Mother's Day!
4095May 1st, 2022May Promotions
4094Apr 17th, 2022Classleads
4093Apr 17th, 2022Emails
4092Apr 12th, 2022Classleads
4091Apr 8th, 2022Timeline of Aetherius
4090Apr 1st, 2022April Promotions
4089Mar 7th, 2022Forums Migration Update
4088Mar 6th, 2022Exploration Update
4087Mar 2nd, 2022Forums Migration
4086Mar 1st, 2022March Promotions
4085Feb 28th, 2022Approvers and Profession Help Files
4084Feb 23rd, 2022Butterflies, Arrows, Weekends?!
4083Feb 19th, 2022Rings, OOC, and IC?
4082Feb 1st, 2022February Promotions
4081Jan 1st, 2022January Promotions
4080Dec 29th, 20212021 and Beyond
4079Dec 20th, 2021Imperian Survey
4078Dec 20th, 2021Doubloon Stockings
4077Dec 18th, 2021Double Experience
4076Dec 1st, 2021Strike a Pose with Style!
4075Dec 1st, 2021December Promotions!
4074Nov 29th, 2021Cyber Monday Promo
4073Nov 26th, 2021Classleads
4072Nov 22nd, 2021Great Hunt Results
4071Nov 19th, 2021Great Hunt!
4070Nov 4th, 2021Drinking Games, Statues, and Pumpkin Fun
4069Nov 1st, 2021November Promotions
4068Oct 23rd, 2021Drunken Scavengers
4067Oct 15th, 2021Bug Zapping
4066Oct 3rd, 2021Pumpkins and Reskins
4065Oct 2nd, 2021Ithaqua
4064Oct 2nd, 2021Design updates
4063Oct 1st, 2021October Promotions
4062Sep 1st, 2021New Promotion Issues
4061Sep 1st, 2021September Promotions
4060Aug 26th, 2021Discord changes
4059Aug 25th, 2021Knight Classleads
4058Aug 4th, 2021Registration Changes
4057Aug 1st, 2021August Promotions

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2021 and Beyond

Hello Imperian! Another year passes! A few months from now will mark my second year on Aetherius. Time sure flies! However, the vast majority of this wouldn’t happen without our wonderful team of volunteers. Kiandre and Valethar have been with me since last year, and are instrumental with the work they have done for the…
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Sep 2 2021

World Map by Eryx

Check out this world map created by Eryx. Click here for a full-size version.
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Dec 31 2020

Onward to 2021

Hi folks! This year has been a challenge on many of us, and I can only hope the next year goes by more smoothly. Having said that, we have reached the end of 2020, woo! This was my first not-quite-a-year on Imperian, and it has been a whole learning experience. It has been a bit…
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