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Poetry News Posts: 992-953

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992Sep 4th, 2019My Comet
991Apr 24th, 2019Broken and Alone
990Aug 9th, 2018Mirror
989Jul 20th, 2018Tired and Alone
988Nov 18th, 2017-
987Oct 14th, 2017.
986Jul 5th, 2017Writer's block
985May 11th, 2017Remembrance
984Mar 27th, 2017queue eqbal diag
983Mar 5th, 2017~
982Feb 18th, 2017-
981Feb 12th, 2017Yes - Bushes Do Rustle
980Feb 11th, 2017Ode to Wyll
979Feb 11th, 2017Destroyer
978Dec 4th, 2016Shackled in Silver
977Jun 27th, 2016I am AWESOME!
976Jun 9th, 2016Dream of a Muse
975Jun 5th, 2016Feelings
974Apr 12th, 2016The wheel
973Mar 27th, 2016Ode to Ohm, Opus #2
972Mar 11th, 2016The Wheel of (mis)Fortune
971Mar 7th, 2016An Ode to Ohm
970Mar 7th, 2016Spin To Win
969Mar 4th, 2016Around me
968Feb 28th, 2016Another Time, Another Life
967Feb 22nd, 2016Never!
966Feb 22nd, 2016Alone
965Jan 27th, 2016"I think I'll ruin my life today."
964Jan 16th, 2016BP
963Dec 20th, 2015-
962Dec 9th, 2015-
961Oct 10th, 2015Untitled
960Oct 10th, 2015-
959Jun 6th, 2015-
958May 14th, 2015-
957Dec 21st, 2014--
956Nov 21st, 2014The Circle-Hopper
955Nov 12th, 2014-
954Oct 22nd, 2014--
953Oct 13th, 2014see previous

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Imperian in 2020

As we go into 2020, we wanted to put forth for you some ideas we have on how we see Imperian going. In this upcoming year our priorities are to finish some of our long term projects, add some more events, and keep more updates happening. Long-term Projects There are a lot of existing projects…
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Imperian: A Year in Review

It’s no secret that things were rocky in 2019, and that we didn’t accomplish everything we set out to do. As we look back over 2019, though, there are quite a few standout events that are worth recollection! In January, along with the giftbag promo, we introduced the concept of buying into the promotion using…
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New End Game

The great Triple Eclipse led to the unveiling of the Moon Forge and has granted access to the elemental planes. Level 100 characters may now build strongholds in the elemental planes and fortify them. The Aspect end game for Imperian has been updated. Here are the highlights: All aspects are now aspects of the unified…
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