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Announce News Posts: 3961-3922

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3961Feb 21st, 2020Classleads
3960Feb 18th, 2020Soliciting Ideas and Feedback - Membership Bonuses
3959Feb 17th, 2020Soliciting Feedback: Promotions Currency
3958Feb 17th, 2020Recent Bugfixes and Updates
3957Feb 9th, 2020Previously Purchased Token Artifacts
3956Feb 6th, 2020New Membership Options
3955Feb 6th, 2020Issue Resolution
3954Feb 1st, 2020February Promotion
3953Jan 21st, 2020Death
3952Jan 21st, 2020Recent Bugfixes and Updates
3951Jan 18th, 2020Volunteer Call Open
3950Jan 17th, 2020Last Day for Town Hall Questions
3949Jan 11th, 2020Contest for an Ironbank Key!
3948Jan 11th, 2020Mortal Builder Application Reminder
3947Jan 9th, 2020Recent Bugfixes and Updates
3946Jan 7th, 2020The Ironbank Vaults
3945Jan 6th, 2020January Forum Town Hall
3944Jan 6th, 2020New Year, New Posts
3943Jan 4th, 2020Call for Mortal Builders
3942Jan 3rd, 2020Changing Aspect Types
3941Jan 3rd, 2020Monolith Captures
3940Jan 3rd, 2020Vault Promo Delayed
3939Jan 1st, 2020Recent Bugfixes and Updates
3938Jan 1st, 2020Vialpacks
3937Jan 1st, 20202020 is here!
3936Dec 29th, 2019End of the Month, End of the Year, End of the Stockings!
3935Dec 29th, 2019Code Updates
3934Dec 28th, 2019Classleads and Bugfixes
3933Dec 24th, 2019Recent Bugfixes and Updates
3932Dec 23rd, 2019Happy Holidays from Iron Realms
3931Dec 19th, 2019PayPal Purchases
3930Dec 19th, 2019Doubloon Stockings
3929Dec 18th, 2019Ironbeard!
3928Dec 12th, 2019Elemental Snowstorms
3927Dec 12th, 2019Stocking Stuffers
3926Dec 12th, 2019Recent Bugfixes and Updates
3925Dec 6th, 2019Liquid Rifts
3924Dec 2nd, 2019Planar Keystones
3923Dec 2nd, 2019Recent Lag
3922Dec 1st, 2019Twitter Contest Spin Winner

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Imperian in 2020

As we go into 2020, we wanted to put forth for you some ideas we have on how we see Imperian going. In this upcoming year our priorities are to finish some of our long term projects, add some more events, and keep more updates happening. Long-term Projects There are a lot of existing projects…
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Imperian: A Year in Review

It’s no secret that things were rocky in 2019, and that we didn’t accomplish everything we set out to do. As we look back over 2019, though, there are quite a few standout events that are worth recollection! In January, along with the giftbag promo, we introduced the concept of buying into the promotion using…
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New End Game

The great Triple Eclipse led to the unveiling of the Moon Forge and has granted access to the elemental planes. Level 100 characters may now build strongholds in the elemental planes and fortify them. The Aspect end game for Imperian has been updated. Here are the highlights: All aspects are now aspects of the unified…
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