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The Idrasi

Rising from the remnants of the ancient Phantoms, the Idras have been regarded throughout the ages as some of the most resourceful survivors in Aetherius. The marks they have left on history's canvas are innumerable in their obscurity, just as they prefer it to be, though several known examples of their ingenuity stand apart: known simply as "knifeplay" to laymen, they are the progenitors of the deadly art of Qa-Sital and its trademark weapon, the sitara - a ritual blade carved from the bones of their fallen foes; though some of their techniques have since become widespread, they are also pioneers in the field of toxicology and the first to employ the use of predatory beasts to track and kill humanoid prey.

In modern times the Idras practice Qa-Sital as a guiding principle, rather than a singular art, in pursuit of constant self-improvement. Though the assassins and soldiers of the Pines can still be found amongst their number, today's Idrasi come from all walks of life to study the principles of subtlety, discipline, and mastery, for this is the law of the wood: adapt or die. Continuing the tradition of minimalist survival that has allowed them to thrive in the frozen wastes of the Gyanis and beyond, they remain a small, secretive group dedicated to defending their homes and outlasting all rivals.