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12.7.16 Ik'taru Expanse

Cornered along the northern and western Areish mountains and skirting the southern Cuhpfehr hills is the Ik'taru Expanse.

This massive area is home to several beast of all different walks of life. From the snakes, meerkats, wildebeests, and rhinoceros whom roam the scrublands, grasslands, and forest. To the bears, goats, and eagles who make their homes in the mountains.

Yet the feral cougars who stalk the western cliffs protect the path that leads to the rocky shore lining a beach of freshwater, which holds a false sense of serenity. For under the water is the forgotten town settled by Ik'taru that is now protected by the dangerous aquatic wyrms. But all was not loss when it was flooded, for tucked away in the eastern side of the grasslands is the reconstructed town of Ik'taru, resting place to the last shrine of Avasyu and His sole surviving follower.

This Expanse is not just accustomed to the wildlife, for claiming dominance over the  northeastern hills are norrijin bandits whom watch over the constructed underground tunnels that create the perfect hideout to the tanari miners as well as the kohdon and xiur raiders.