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Archive for May 2018

Bug-Day a Cometh!

Imperian’s next BugDay is upon us. We will be chatting with players on Monday, May 21st starting at 10 AM. Coders and producers will spend time answering questions and fixing any bugs. If you have a bug that has been bothering you, please swing by and chat. This includes everything from quests to emotes. If…

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Movement Changes are Live

The movement update has been live for a couple weeks, but we have been slowly refining it. Here is the final post with all of the changes. BASE MOVEMENT The base movement rate in the game for all players is 2 rooms per second. Base movement can only be increased with the pathfinder compass. The…

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May Bonuses

The sale and bonus events are now loaded and live. Card trading will come soon and please expect some minor tweaks in the cards as we watch for exploits. Please BUG and issues with them. CREDIT BONUSES For the month of May, every 25 credits purchased will reward you with a gladiator ticket and random…

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