Movement Changes are Live

The movement update has been live for a couple weeks, but we have been slowly refining it. Here is the final post with all of the changes.


The base movement rate in the game for all players is 2 rooms per second. Base movement can only be increased with the pathfinder compass. The compass will increase your base movement to 3 when path-finding. Moving at your base movement rate does not affect your endurance at all. (See below


Your character may benefit from defences that increase your movement speed or afflictions that will reduce it. Moving faster than your base movement (see above) will slowly drain your endurance (see below).

NOTE: If you wish to move faster than your base movement you must be sprinting. START SPRINTING and STOP SPRINTING will toggle this on and off.


  • Fitness Celerity : +1 MPS
  • Armband of Celerity: +1 MPS
  • Crisp Apple : +1 MPS

Effects that reduce MPS to 1:

  • Ethereal Chain
  • Ethereal Shackles
  • Green Shells
  • Beast Card
  • Red Apple
  • Spatium Flying (If you cannot fly via other means)
  • Windstorm Rooms

Other Modifications

  • Rigidity : -2 MPS
  • Calfshot : -1 MPS per effect level.

Health Modifications

  • 50% Health: 1/2 Total MPS
  • 25% Health: 1 MPS


Constitution determines how many moves how many moves you can take over your base movement before you will need to slow down. We will call this Endurance (E). Endurance regenerates by 1 points every second. If you do not move rooms for five seconds, this regeneration rate will triple. Continue reading for a full list of modifiers which may affect your endurance.

Note: You may use *E or %E to see your current endurance in your prompt.

Endurance is determined Constitution.

  • 9 : 14
  • 10 : 17
  • 11 : 21
  • 12 : 25
  • 13 : 29
  • 14 : 33
  • 15 : 37
  • 16 : 41
  • 17 : 45
  • 18 : 49

Abilities that modify endurance:

  • Mount with Gallop: +10
  • Devotion Celerity: +5
  • Shadowbinding Fleetness: +5
  • Enslavery Nin’kharsag: +5
  • Beans: +5 per level5

Example: Imagine your character is sprinting with an MPS of 4 and an Endurance of 29. You can move 4 rooms per second until you have expended your endurance at which point you will return to your base movement rate of 2.

Endurance Costs

  • Each time your character moves from room to room, it will incur an endurance cost. This is determined by the type of terrain and movement.
  • Normal Rooms: 3 endurance
  • Swimming or Burrowing: 4
  • Roads, Paths, Urban, and Village: 2 endurance
  • Flying: 2 endurance in normal rooms
  • Landstriding: 2 endurance in your affinity environment


In addition, all major teleportation skills now have a short channel on them. This channel time increases substantially in most cases if you have taken some type of PvP action (not PVE).

Movement: The following skills now have a 1-second channel.

  • Wayfaring Relic
  • Sect Pillar
  • Shard Mark
  • Bonecasting Raven
  • Runelore Raido
  • Shapeshifting Track
  • Wyrmriding Track
  • Tarot Hermit
  • Terratheria Windtrack
  • Raksha and Ethereal Rings

Movement: The following skills have a 5 seconds channel if you have been PvP aggressive in the last 60 seconds.

  • Wayfaring Relic
  • Sect Pillar
  • Shard Mark
  • onecasting Raven
  • Runelore Raido
  • Terratheria Windtrack

No changes were made to these instant abilities. This is because they are random, require set up, or a very situational.

  • Sect Removal
  • Nightfall Shadowtwist
  • Rampage Mirage
  • Spatium Warp
  • Spatium Vortex
  • Tattoos Brazier
  • Tarot Empress
  • Telepathy Travel
  • Telepathy Wrench

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