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322Feb 17th, 2020The Rumbling Below
321Jan 3rd, 2020A Change in the Monoliths
320Nov 25th, 2019The Triple Eclipse and Discovery of New Monoliths
319Apr 28th, 2019Meteor strike, and subsequent bunny antics.
318Oct 4th, 2018Essence?
317Mar 22nd, 2018A Thread Cut Short
316Jul 7th, 2017Merriwether's Clockwork Catastrophe
315Feb 27th, 2017A Marriage of Land and Sea
314Jan 24th, 2017A Calamitous Event
313Nov 21st, 2016Filth! Pollution! Corruption! ...Yuck!
312Oct 10th, 2016Great Pumpkin Festival
311Aug 12th, 2016The New Diabolists
310Aug 9th, 2016The Triumphant Lord
309Aug 7th, 2016Ananda's Failure, Hadak's Loss, Luriele's Hope
308Aug 6th, 2016The Flesh Mirror
307Aug 5th, 2016Sola'rae's Insanity
306Jul 27th, 2016The Doubting Pilgrim
305Jul 23rd, 2016The Mirror of Flesh Reformed!
304May 26th, 2016The death of an ascendari and birth of a diabolus
303Apr 18th, 2016The Fury of the Storms
302Apr 16th, 2016The Invasion of Skegdald
301Mar 31st, 2016Memories
300Mar 26th, 2016Memories
299Mar 25th, 2016Waihakari
298Mar 23rd, 2016A Dire Situation
297Feb 26th, 2016The Love Festival!
296Feb 22nd, 2016Bartram's Retirement
295Feb 16th, 2016Rebuilding the Tenth Monolith
294Feb 9th, 2016The Tenth Monolith
293Jan 23rd, 2016Rise of the Arachnid Queen
292Jan 17th, 2016The Oath
291Jan 7th, 2016The Nightmare Plagues Unleashed
290Jan 2nd, 2016Emergence of a Nightmare Plague
289Jan 2nd, 2016Return of the Legion?
288Dec 8th, 2015Ice Golems
287Nov 10th, 2015The Missing Bowman - Hide Noir Heir
286Nov 8th, 2015Llus Revisited
285Sep 25th, 2015Egg Wars?
284Sep 24th, 2015Eggs?
283Aug 12th, 2015Don't Trust a Slave

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Jan 6 2020

Imperian in 2020

As we go into 2020, we wanted to put forth for you some ideas we have on how we see Imperian going. In this upcoming year our priorities are to finish some of our long term projects, add some more events, and keep more updates happening. Long-term Projects There are a lot of existing projects…
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Jan 6 2020

Imperian: A Year in Review

It’s no secret that things were rocky in 2019, and that we didn’t accomplish everything we set out to do. As we look back over 2019, though, there are quite a few standout events that are worth recollection! In January, along with the giftbag promo, we introduced the concept of buying into the promotion using…
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Oct 23 2019

New End Game

The great Triple Eclipse led to the unveiling of the Moon Forge and has granted access to the elemental planes. Level 100 characters may now build strongholds in the elemental planes and fortify them. The Aspect end game for Imperian has been updated. Here are the highlights: All aspects are now aspects of the unified…
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