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Announce News Posts: 5067-5028

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5067Jun 16th, 2019CTF format.Makarios, the MeticulousEveryone
5066Jun 15th, 2019Year 802 Championship Games: The Winner!Ictinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5065Jun 15th, 2019Championship Sojourn: ResultsIctinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5064Jun 15th, 2019Quiz ResultsIctinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5063Jun 13th, 2019Latest Results!NicolaEveryone
5062Jun 10th, 2019SublimationMakarios, the MeticulousEveryone
5061Jun 9th, 2019Championship Foozle Results, and The Games So Far!Ictinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5060Jun 9th, 2019Championship FoozleNicolaEveryone
5059Jun 8th, 2019Twins Tournament: ResultsIctinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5058Jun 8th, 2019Twins PrizesIctinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5057Jun 7th, 2019Twins tournament: rulesMakarios, the MeticulousEveryone
5056Jun 7th, 2019PSA: Other People's ConflictLathis, Senior AdministratorEveryone
5055Jun 7th, 2019Sojourn Practice UpdateIctinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5054Jun 3rd, 2019XP Event: A clarificationIctinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5053Jun 1st, 2019June Is Here!NicolaEveryone
5052May 31st, 2019The Old World - Artwork!NicolaEveryone
5051May 30th, 2019Sojourn and XP Event: Some detailsIctinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5050May 25th, 2019The Big Blue Wet ThingIctinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5049May 25th, 2019...We've got fun and games!Ictinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5048May 24th, 2019Join the Team!NicolaEveryone
5047May 24th, 2019Exploration!NicolaEveryone
5046May 24th, 2019Welcome to the Underrealm...Ictinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5045May 22nd, 2019I See Dead People...NicolaEveryone
5044May 20th, 2019Death's back on the menuIctinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5043May 17th, 2019Chops!Ictinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5042May 16th, 2019Deathsights!Ictinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5041May 16th, 2019ACC applications.Makarios, the MeticulousEveryone
5040May 15th, 2019Good News!NicolaEveryone
5039May 13th, 2019Life's A LotteryNicolaEveryone
5038May 12th, 2019Skies - A Minor UpdateIctinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5037May 12th, 2019An UpdateNicolaEveryone
5036May 2nd, 2019An Adventurer is you!NicolaEveryone
5035May 1st, 2019It's May!NicolaEveryone
5034Apr 30th, 2019The Delosian Talisman Shop: Stock Update!Ictinus, The ArchitectEveryone
5033Apr 29th, 2019Championship Games!NicolaEveryone
5032Apr 28th, 2019A ReminderNicolaEveryone
5031Apr 27th, 2019Preemptive pk clarificationMakarios, the MeticulousEveryone
5030Apr 25th, 2019Fallback Cures!NicolaEveryone
5029Apr 21st, 2019Lethal Configurations!NicolaEveryone
5028Apr 14th, 2019Classlead commenting phaseMakarios, the MeticulousEveryone

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