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12.5.7 NOCTEIL

Hidden in the far north of Aetherius, in the evergreen woods of the Reate
Forest, the Nocteil Glades have remained unnoticed and untouched by the
world for many centuries. Its many habitants, mainly the race of Centaurs,
led by Galadyre, Lord of the Centaurs, were living in harmony with their
surroundings, never venturing from their home in the glade, when one day
the Prince of the Centaur broke the ancient laws and ventured outside from
his home. It was soon discovered that the Glades had been split by an
unknown force and divided into two sections, one shrouded in perpetual
night and the other brightened by perpetual daylight. Some say the altars
that reside there are the cause of this effect, but no one is certain as to
why or how it has come to be.