Goodbye to Tokens

Tokens of the Creator have been (mostly) removed from Imperian. There are a few outstanding tasks that we haven’t finished yet, which I’ll mention at the bottom of the post. All the token wares minus the ones that are extra slots and the packs (which already have a credit version) are now for sale on the Artifact market for Credits. There are some exceptions – such as atlas pages – which will require some custom coding. For now, we’ve left in the TOKEN WARES list (mostly for our own reference), even though you have no tokens anymore. 

Speaking of that, I’ve just finished awarding credits for all tokens currently owned. Each token resulted in 33 credits. If the token could be traded or sold on the promotions market, you were given unbound credits. If it couldn’t, you were given bound credits. In total, 67089 bound credits and 134508 unbound credits were sold for a total of 269016 credits. That’s a lot. Please spend them. Please. I’m begging you. 

In addition:

  • all items being sold for tokens on the promotions market have been removed from the market.
  • champion streak winners will now receive 30 credits instead of a token. 

A few things are left to do:

  • For now, packs that were purchased with tokens still cannot have their sizes increased by a skein
  • You can’t currently buy atlas pages, since we need to add a way to do so that lets you pick an area
  • You can’t currently buy an extra tattoo slot since that needs a tiny bit of special code
  • Elite still gives tokens. Once we decide what to replace it with, we’ll also go back and award credits for the tokens that are still in the game.
  • That also goes for the (small) chance for a token from spawn waves, for now

If you have further questions not addressed in this post, feel free to send me a message or email!


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