Classleads Updates Continue

Here is a full list of all of the classlead changes made in June thus far.

  • Noctu Soulburn damage threshold bonus => Taint increase (Report 668)
  • Rage doesn’t stop shard harvesting (Partial) (Report 678)
  • Eviscerate most recent hit resets on log off and stops the dance (Report 679)
  • Entropy damage reduction (Report 699)
  • Brainmelt adjustments (Report 701)
  • Noctu chill can be used off-balance and uses essence (Report 711)
  • Noctu combustion asthma relapses after 2 seconds (Report 714)
  • Nerveburn intensified causes numbness, but taint gain is reduced to 10 (Report 715)
  • Treants will now follow characters that SWING UP into tree (Report 752)
  • Inhume will now be cured by Aryana Resurrect (Report 788)
  • Elephant Carving Changes (Report 627)
  • Desecration entangle now has a 10 second per target cooldown. (Report 635)
  • Opposite attunement will now both decrease the opposite and increase the desired attunement. (Report 640)
  • Ritualism sun now will reflect 5 seconds worth of damage, regardless of the number of hits. (Report 656)
  • Removal Ritual now has a per-target 5-minute cooldown. (Report 672)
  • Voice Nuarinyu stupidity has been replaced with heroism (Report 687)
  • Telepathy radiance now cures entangle, transfix and web and prevents it from being applied in the same room for as long as it is active. Has a significant mana drain. (Report 759)
  • Pinchblock improvements (Report 810)
  • Kanai generation when using a prepared action is halved (Report 750)
  • Chivalry Rage no longer uses balance but has a 20-second cooldown (Report 806)
  • Devotion Crusade dazzle will now give dizziness and confusion if the target has penance, confusion if the target has dizziness, otherwise dizziness (Report 804)
  • Torment Devastate reduce damage to be 1/2 of ravage (reduction of 1/7th) (Report 784)
  • Desecration Bellow damage has been reduced (Report 768)


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