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We’ve recently added a new way to regularly earn unbound credits through automated games. If you look at SCHEDULE LIST you will see a number of games plotted out for the next four weeks. Each game will award 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 credits to the top 5 winners and will award daily credits to everyone that participates.

You should be familiar with the events as they are not themselves new, but what is new is that the schedule should automatically keep adding events so that we have three events per weekend scheduled four weeks out. This way you will be able to plan to attend the games you want to participate in.

The games, as well as their options, are selected at random.  This does mean that you may get streaks where you get lots of one type of game and none of another. That’s part of being random.

If a game does not give you credits automatically at the end, please message me with the date, time, game, the top five finishers (and their order) and anything else that may be relevant. You do have to be logged in at the end of the game to get daily credits, but not top 5 credits. (at least for some games).  

Good Gaming!

 – Dec

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