End of May Classleads

There are not a ton of changes here, but some are going to affect you. Better read on and see what has been updated and changed.

  • For trailblazing cloaks, minimum skin level set to high-level mobs. (Report 621)
  • Bileshroud shrugging effect works 100% once and now has a cooldown for application. Other bileshroud effects don’t change. (Report 634)
  • Blackvines will not affect elevation changes, and the caster must be within 10 rooms for them to be effective. (Report 636)
  • Removed reconstruction for woodheart. (Report 637)
  • Ouroboros can no longer be intimidated. (Report 657)
  • Bronze Shield fades on aggressive actions. (Report 666)
  • Cooldown added to torment rebuke. (Report 667)
  • Reject lust requires but doesn’t consume equilibrium. (Report 689)
  • Terrestrialism Vitality can be put up at 90% if out of combat. (Report 695)
  • No ritual sacrifice if aggressive recently. (Report 774)
  • Swiftcurse added to GMCP. (Report 800)

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