Golden Doubloons

Doubloons are a new system in Imperian to help mitigate the problem that many new (and old) users have had problems with over the years with Iron Realms games. The fact the buy-in is too great in order to be competitive with people who have been building characters for multiple years. Last month Imperian ran the “Level 100 Challenge” which awarded 1000 credits to any character reaching level 100 in the month of March. Doubloons have been put in place to allow new and current players the ability to the basic artifacts needed in order to be competitive at a time cost (instead of cash).

Doubloons are earned by grinding out areas. Players may earn 10 doubloons per day per character. Doubloons are used to “borrow” artifacts in the game for 7 full days. You “borrow” nearly 2000 credits of artifacts on a constant basis with this system. Basically, players trade time in the form of grinding, for artifacts which will allow you to grind it out a bit better or participate in PvP at a higher level. Most players are going to be doing this anyways in order to level.

Hopefully, this system allows more players to get into the game without the need to spend real money and without us giving away the store.

The full help file for this new system is on the website right here:

I expect we will be tweaking this considerably over the next few months so if you have any feedback, let us know.


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