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Feburary Change Log!

Not only have the following changes were made, but we are knee-deep in a major Classlead update. The update will not only include profession fixes, but we will be making some changes to movements, escape skills, and speed artifacts. Look for those to be completed and released before the end of the month.

Here are the changes we’ve had this month so far.

  • CONFIG PATHFINDING WINGS on/off has been added to control whether you want to use wings while pathfinding.
  • CONFIG SPEEDWALKING <brief/verbose> has been removed and replaced with CONFIG PATHFINDING DESC brief/verbose
  • PATH GROUP on/off has been removed and replaced with CONFIG PATHFINDING GROUP on/off
  • All token items can be bought all the time. We dropped the rotating stock.
  • LURE will work against the alluring gem. This is not a bug.
  • Portals from Rashirmir tomes will indicate the room they are linked to when you probe them.
  • The aetheric disruptor now keeps the unseen eye from listening to it. It does not dispel unseen eye.
  • Fixed the problem with some towne and city shops reopening on the new year.
  • Fixed a problem with psioloite appearing to break the same limb multiple times in one spasm.
  • Fixed a problem with Kiesti keeping the sand dollar when you do not have the bucket in your inventory.
  • The living mountain movement has been fixed.
  • You can now indite bows.
  • Fixed a problem with double stinky messages.
  • TOUCH BUTTERFLY will no longer clash with the tattoo and the¬†bonecasting ability.
  • Increased the chances of having a random encounter with the repugnant imp.
  • Increase the average credit payout for gladiator tickets from 3 to 5.
  • Posters and pet glance will now show players cross plane better.
  • Increased the time on the Triangle of Fortune to one hour.
  • Fixed a bug that indicated guilds had free rooms available when they did not.
  • Fixed a message and balance problem when flying with an icewyrm.
  • Pitched and bomb arrows will actually destroy walls now with SSHOT.
  • Mutant rats are back in the old Stavenn sewers.
  • Ithaqua now has its own version of the bait game.
  • Several small quest adjustments and fixes.
  • Fixed a major issue with MXP tags in org help files where you use the ^ tags to mark words you want to make commands. It looks like some files have the ^ character opening some lines and then not closing them. I have put in some code to help deal with that.
  • The balm of emboldening has a cooldown message now.
  • Artifact weapon tokens can now be used for purchasing flintlocks.
  • Fixed a problem with some inventing chemicals continuing on after an arena death.
  • Fixed a problem with the oil of silence allowing tells from the room it is in.
  • Fixed some problems with the towne attendants reporting who last delivered the figurine. As outlined in HELP PRODUCTION.
  • The slanted tree in Gordul no longer looks like a propaganda poster.
  • The warden in Kenuba will drop the key to the door once again, for those of you looking to bash those mobs out.
  • The roots in the Inner Feinhorn have been fixed.
  • You can now trade in the divination crystal with the artifact trade in commands.
  • The command NAMECHECK <name> can be used to test names for various reasons. Such as before using the Tome of the Unborn.
  • Lots of other minor quest fixes.
  • Tome of the Rashirmir cannot be found with Iluma now.
  • Clear summoned creatures better when you use the ethereal mirror.
  • Fixed a problem with flintlock and blunderbuss damage being a little crazy sometimes.
  • Fixed a problem with exploration including some stockrooms.
  • The coin game in En’aruna with Brianka has been reworked.
  • Food Pellets can only be used on pets now.
  • Cleaning up our message database which is out of control. Remember, you can preserve messages you do not want to lose. Check out HELP MESSAGES and Announce Post 3735.
  • Trenches and mob armies, in general, have been completely removed from the game. I have left the traders in your cities, and if you would like them re-purposed or just removed, please message me or orgrequest it.
  • Spinning crystals from crystalbinding will no longer change their room description so the customised message can be enjoyed by all!
  • Weaponmastery proficiency can now be changed once every hour.
  • Pets will only deliver items they are holding when returning from ratting, fishing, or when explicitly told to deliver an item. This means they will not accidentally deliver items when told to track to a player. They will give items to a player when told to return.
  • Pets with gathering must now be told when to use the ability. ORDER <pet> GATHER and ORDER <pet> UNGATHER
  • Pets can now be told to ORDER PET DROP ALL and ORDER PET GIVE ALL TO <target>. ALL or EVERYTHING will work for both commands.
  • Abirader no longer asks you to deliver packages to Stavenn.
  • Bones no longer hit flying targets.
  • Was able to remove the small silver tokens dropping from random mobs. If you see any, please grab the number and report it as a BUG.

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