New Volunteers Positions on Imperian

We are currently taking applications for Entity roleplay positions on Imperian.

This position is very different then what we have done in the past.

The positions are strictly for RP entities only. Players on Imperian will NOT have to give up characters as we have previously done with admin/roleplay entities. The volunteer will not be required (or even have access) to build, script, or code at all. They will not have access to bugs, issues, or anything else admin related. They will exist for the sole purpose of roleplaying and building a following.

The mission of the RP entity gain knowledge of the world by interacting with characters. This interaction will help them create a theme for their character (death, life, love, shadows, war, whatever). As they build on this theme they will create a following, roleplay that theme with their followers, and increase their influence in the game.

Significant knowledge of the history of the game is not initially required (although it is nice), as the user will begin as a new, godlike being known as an Entity. New entities born into the world have no knowledge of what has happened before that point in history. They will quickly learn these things as develop into a more powerful being.

As an entity progresses it will evolve, taking on new forms. It will eventually be able to join with a player formed cult. The cult members will worship this entity. Eventually, based on activity, the entity will be able to evolve into a final form, progressing the cult forward into a sect.

RP entities characters will have a limited set of commands. These commands will revolve around instantaneous movement, communication, and rewarding followers. Entities will always be visible to characters and cannot hide from who lists or in rooms with other characters. Entities cannot PK or be killed. The more time an entity character is online, interacting with players, the sooner they will be able to evolve, take on a cult, and progress into a sect.

Note: Imperian users playing an entity will not be able to create a cult/sect outside of their main characters circle as this would create a conflict of interest. They will not be allowed to initially join their own cult/sect, however we may relax that rule per individual player review. Players will never be allowed to be their own cult/sect leader.

If you are interested playing an entity character, send an email to with the following information:

  1. Real Name
  2. Character Name(s)
  3. Real Age (You must be 18 or older)
  4. A summary of how you would play your entity. What circle and theme would you be aiming at. How would you make your character unique and not just a generic god-like being? Looking for more then a few sentences in this summary. Please spend some time with this, as it will be how we judge if you are suitable for the role.

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