Obelisk and Outpost Update

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs. This touched a lot of code and while I have tested it fairly thoroughly, we all know how that goes, sometimes. Please feel free to ISSUE any major problem or message me directly.

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Obelisk and Outpost Update

  • Outposts can no longer protect other outposts.
  • Outposts are destroyed, not captured, when they are successfully attacked.
  • As outposts are destroyed, we have reduced the cost of a new outpost to 100 stone, 100 wood, 50 sinn, 50 steel, 50,000 gold.
  • You can no longer disable outposts, you can just dismantle them. The command CITY OUTPOST DISABLE has been changed to CITY OUTPOST DISMANTLE.
  • We have remove the Efficiency Obelisks as it makes makes protecting obelisks too easy. In addition is makes an uneven number of obelisks for less sharing.
  • We have moved the SHARD COMBINE ability to Shard Usage level 10.
  • Aryana Attunement abilities 4 and 5 have been combined as a single level 5 ability. Deathsight area.
  • Efficiency Attunement 4 has been moved to Aryana Attunement 4. Comm production speed.
  • Combined Moradeim Attunement 2 and 4 as a single level 4 ability. FOCUS MORADEIM <target> BYPASS.
  • Efficiency Research 4 has been moved to Moradeim Attunement 2. Increased lesson learning
  • Sukhder Attunement 1 and 3 are combined as a single level 1 ability. No mana cost and longer lasting Sukhder focus.
  • Move Efficiency Research 2 to Sukhder Attunement 3. Plunder caravans 15% faster.
  • Switch SHARD CLOT (Aryana Research 1) with sleep regeneration (Aryana Attunement 1)
  • Switch SHARD WALL (Moradeim Research 3) with shard harvest speed (Moradeim Attunement 3)

We have changed all of the level 5 research skills for the Nature, True Sight, Aryana, Moradeim, and Sukhder obelisks as follows:

Nature Research 5

Remove the mark in an infused room or yourself. Syntax: SHARD CLEANSE [me].


True Sight Research 5

100% immune to all seeking skills Lasts 60 seconds and costs a red shard. Syntax: SHARD SILENCE.


Aryana/Moradeim/Sukhder Research 5

Infuse the room AND the character with the power of the specified obelisk. If you leave the room, you can infuse the new room you are in. You cannot infuse over another room. A player must use the Nature Research skill in order to cleanse it first. However, you may overwrite your characters infusion whenever you like. The effect lasts 20 minutes in both cases and costs 1 red shard.


  • Any Aryana infused player in and Aryana room with have 20% more maximum health. If two player are both Aryana infused, they will suffer -20% damage from each other.
  • Any Moradeim infused player in and Moradeim room with have a random 50% resist that will change every 10 seconds. If two player are both Moradeim infused, they will strike each other with random damage types.
  • Any Sukhder infused player in and Suhdker room with have 20% more maximum mana. If two player are both Sukhder infused, they will deal +20% damage to each other. The effect will last 20 minutes.

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