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Meets News Post #486

additional info.

Written by: Dreamstress Tikal Dawnsong, The Dew-Kissed Rose
Date: Tuesday, May 30th, 2017
Addressed to: Everyone

one thing i forgot in my previous post, please have all guesses in by june 15th. I slected some arbatrary date but I will not accept any entries after that.

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Letum, in the year 136 AM.

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2021 and Beyond

Hello Imperian! Another year passes! A few months from now will mark my second year on Aetherius. Time sure flies! However, the vast majority of this wouldn’t happen without our wonderful team of volunteers. Kiandre and Valethar have been with me since last year, and are instrumental with the work they have done for the…
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Sep 2 2021

World Map by Eryx

Check out this world map created by Eryx. Click here for a full-size version.
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Dec 31 2020

Onward to 2021

Hi folks! This year has been a challenge on many of us, and I can only hope the next year goes by more smoothly. Having said that, we have reached the end of 2020, woo! This was my first not-quite-a-year on Imperian, and it has been a whole learning experience. It has been a bit…
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