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Events News Post #307

Sola'rae's Insanity

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Friday, August 5th, 2016
Addressed to: Everyone

The soul energy came to a peak, leaving the world slightly settled, and yet, in disaray.

Sola'rae's had failed in her tasks, as not enough energy was released upon the world. However, what energy she was able to release pooled around the temple, creating a rift between the Prime Material and the Rashirmir.

Through the Rashirmir, spirits are able to break their bonds in the Underworld and worth their way through the Dream Realm, creating a small pocket in between the three planes.

It is within this pocket spirits roam, creating turbulent energy within.

First, Maegohr came to check on Sola'rae to see if she was well, however, her delusions of what is and what is to come have drawn her into a state of madness. Shortly after his arrival and questioning Shou and Curran made their way to her.

It is then they discovered that killing the restless spirits near the temple would take them into this pocket, allowing them to fight the spirits there in hope to pull out the Revenant.

Sola'rae only wishes to do her Father's bidding, but perhaps, in her delusions, she has only made it worse.

What is in store for the other factions? What will come to be with them in turn.

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Vita, in the year 112 AM.

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