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3638Apr 12th, 2021Ruga and his contest
3637Apr 11th, 2021Passion
3636Apr 11th, 2021*Claps Hands*
3635Apr 11th, 2021Recent News Post Regarding Guild Applications
3634Apr 11th, 2021You obviously dont know me, So dont even know why you are posting.
3633Apr 11th, 2021RE: The Contestation of Guildmaster
3632Apr 10th, 2021Contect of GuildMaster
3631Mar 18th, 2021RE: Snack Time.
3630Mar 16th, 2021RE: Nepotism
3629Mar 16th, 2021Nepotism
3628Mar 13th, 2021Re: The Ithaquan War
3627Mar 13th, 2021The Ithaquan war
3626Feb 26th, 2021Farewell Aetherius
3625Dec 25th, 2020I poke you with a sticky
3624Dec 25th, 2020Perhaps you wanted the other story..
3623Dec 25th, 2020Difference in views of how things went and SHALL go
3622Dec 24th, 2020You will know fear
3621Dec 14th, 2020A message for magick
3620Dec 7th, 2020Reply
3619Dec 7th, 2020All of You. Just. Stop.
3618Sep 22nd, 2020New spectacles needed
3617Aug 20th, 2020The Tale of the Fish
3616Aug 13th, 2020Khandava - Who We Are
3615Aug 13th, 2020Khandava's Official Rebuttal to Farah Casyia's Claims
3614Jun 26th, 2020Prove yourselves non-Magick inadequates by challenge
3613Jan 3rd, 2020Design Tips and Tricks for 'Quick' Approvals
3612Dec 26th, 2019Thanks
3611Dec 26th, 2019Raffle Winners!
3610Dec 26th, 2019Raffle Entries Closed
3609Dec 14th, 2019Design Winners
3608Dec 12th, 2019Stocking Raffle
3607Dec 11th, 2019Mini Contest - Custom Designs by Jannette
3606Dec 11th, 2019Holiday Cheer and Giving
3605Nov 24th, 2019The power and the growth of magick
3604Oct 22nd, 2019The last post.
3603Oct 22nd, 2019New ranks and titles
3602Jun 27th, 2019Guild Meeting
3601Mar 23rd, 2019Proved my point..
3600Mar 23rd, 2019Your failed..lordship
3599Jan 7th, 2019Edits to council credits

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Dec 31 2020

Onward to 2021

Hi folks! This year has been a challenge on many of us, and I can only hope the next year goes by more smoothly. Having said that, we have reached the end of 2020, woo! This was my first not-quite-a-year on Imperian, and it has been a whole learning experience. It has been a bit…
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Aug 1 2020

August Promotions

This month we are bringing back the Iron Bank. Details can be found below and in HELP IRONBANK.  We are also going to have double XP days each Tuesdays of August. The event will start at every Tuesday at 00:00 GMT. If you’re in the US, that is actually on Monday evening! Log in and…
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Jul 1 2020

Volunteer Call!

Greetings, Imperian! Many of you have approached me about volunteering for your beloved game since I started here. Now is your chance, as we are opening a call for volunteers. We are looking for both roleplay-focused volunteers, as well as coders. Do note that the initial focus will be on roleplay, events and enhancing existing…
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