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Announce News Post #2348

Auction Time!

Written by: Jeremy
Date: Saturday, May 4th, 2013
Addressed to: Everyone

Starting later today, we will be holding an auction today for the items
listed below. We are auctioning 14 items for credits and 5 for gold. Two of
credit items are completely new and noone in the game has them.

Another auction will be held later this month with different items. The
second auction will not redo any of the items below. This is your one
chance to get them for a while. You can read HELP AUCTION for more
information about bidding on these items.

Credit Items
an eerily shimmering belt (NEW)
- This item will allow the player to become a ghost, his body staying in
its starting room. Your spirit can then travel anywhere in the world,
pass through any door or other obstruction. You are only permitted a few
commands, so you cannot speak, attack, etc. However you can move, hear
conversations, and so on. People do see a movement message when you enter
the room, but they cannot attack you (unless they find your body.)

This item is great for explorers and spys.

Tomast Kitbag (NEW)
- This item will allow you to heal all of the afflictions of another player
in the same room with you. It cannot be used on yourself. It can be used
one per game day (one hour).

Quicksilver Armour
- An armour that can be morphed into any type of artifact armour, with the
matching stats. You can do this as often as needed.

Quicksilver Weapon
- A weapon that can be morphed into any level 1 artifact. You can do this as
often as needed.

Sukhder Weapon
- A weapon that can be morphed into any level 3 artifact. You can do this as
often as needed.

Anklet of Will
- Gives access to a FORCE ability. This will have a 4 second EQ cost.

Bracelet of Iron Stomach
- You will not suffer any negative effects from being drunk, other than the
slurred speech.

Phantasmic Diadem
- Lets you choose a custom enter and exit message.

A Phantom Mask
- A mask that lets you conceal your identity, just like a Predator

Sunburst Glyph
- You can attach this glyph to any suit of armour and it will grant you an
increased critical hit rate. This effect stacks with other critical hit
artifacts and bonuses.

The glyph can be removed from the armour and placed to any other armour at
any time that you want.

A Sanctified Aegis
- This artifact will, when you are protected by a shield tattoo (or any
ability that acts like a shield tattoo), convert any aggressive attacks
targeted at you that bounce off your shield into 20 health.

Wyvern's Collar
- Gives the user the use of the vitality ability.

A Miniature Smelter
- This item will, once per day, allow you to CRANK <smelter> to make it
produce ingots of smithing metals.

Every day, you will be able to collect 50 sinn, 25 cuhpfer and 25 of
the valuable crystehl ingots from the smelter.

Raksha Band
- Known as the "ring of returning", this item allows you to mark a room and
instantly return to it.

Gold Items
Firescourge Ring
- 10% damage reduction against fire.

Frostbrand Ring
- 10% damage reduction against frost.

Flask of Divine Manna
- A never-ending vial of manna that will fully satiate you when
drunk. Become nearly immune to hunger-inducing afflictions!

Bone Shard
- Throw this object at the ground or to another room, afflicting everyone in
the room with random afflictions. Great party gag!

Veil of the Obtenebrate
- Hides you from nearly all mortal abilities that can pinpoint your

Owning a Veil (not just borrowing one), allows you to cut past the Veil
defence of an opponent when locating him or her. However, this will
generally only work for one-time abilities, like 'sense'. Owning a veil
will not aid you in sensing with abilities that trace someone on an
on-going basis, like seraph trace or forest track.

Does NOT hide you from abilities that do more than simply locate you, such
as Shapeshifting tracking.

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Ferinus, in the year 17 AM.

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