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Announce News Post #2309

March classleads, part 5

Written by: Garryn
Date: Tuesday, March 19th, 2013
Addressed to: Everyone

Another batch of classlead changes is ready!

- Knights can now change their chosen proficiency every game year

- Targetted Inhume (terror aspects) now prevents all resurrections while it's active; additionally, the effect now works even if the killer is not a terror aspect (but it has to be a player)

- Fanatism loss (Kanai) is now reset when your chosen target performs an aggressive action upon you; this only resets the timeout up to a maximum of 2 seconds, however, not back to 7 seconds

- Snare (Sabotage/Hunting), Noose (Hunting) and Horseshoe (Hunting) traps now only fire if their owner is in the same or adjacent room

- Bandages have been added into Survival, and their ab help clarified

- Messages shown when a weapon/shield attack fails because of a broken/paralysed/... arm have been standardised and show the reason more accurately

- Restoration leg breaks now allow Bashimpale (Warding)

- Hookshot (Bowmanship) can now automatically use the barbed arrow and takes the rope from your rift if needed, see the ab help for details

- Added a few trainable skills to treants (Desecration)

- Courage (Beastmastery) now also allows you to specify the fleeing threshold for the animals

- A message if now provided when a flared Sowulu (Runelore) is blocked by deafness


Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Artificium, in the year 13 AM.

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