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Announce News Post #2307

March classleads, part 4

Written by: Garryn
Date: Friday, March 15th, 2013
Addressed to: Everyone

The fourth batch of classlead changes is here!

- Bloodfreeze (Wyrmriding) damage formula has been reworked to scale differently, and it reduces more of target's bleeding when used

- Haze containers (Shadowbinding) now don't decay while they contain haze -and- are being worn

- Satiation (Survival) now blocks drinking of non-curative liquids

- Tidalslash charges (Knifeplay) are now also shown as percentages when the sitara is weaponprobed

- Added Butterfly, Freefall, Pindown, Mindnumb, and Pheromones to the Knifeplay Combo ability

- Thrust (Chivalry/Brutality) now does higher damage against mobiles

- The peace affliction is no longer cured when attacked; instead, it now has a short immunity similar to the paralysis one

- Sting (Shapeshifting) messages shown to the user now include the type for easier tracking

- Bloodpoison (Shapeshifting) no longer stacks across multiple attackers - if you are hit with Bloodpoison while already having the affliction from another player, the existing affliction is replaced by the new one at the lowest strength

- Wisps (Evocation) now have proper attack messages

- Saps (Shadowbinding) had their equilibrium cost reduced

- Auguries (Shadowbinding) can now be used off-balance, with an 8-second cooldown before off-balance use becomes possible again

- New Hunting ability: Mask


Penned by my hand on the 6th of Ferinus, in the year 13 AM.

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