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Announce News Post #2302

March classlead changes, part 1

Written by: Garryn
Date: Monday, March 11th, 2013
Addressed to: Everyone

My first batch of classlead changes is in, more coming soon!

- Deathaura (Necromancy) no longer gives afflictions that the target already has

- Quickshot (Bowmanship) no longer has reduced accuracy

- Lastrites (Devotion) equilibrium cost removed

- Grove Return (Pioneering) no longer causes following ents and mounts to be lost

- Truth (Devotion) now only affects its owner's enemies

- Those without Crystalism can now train pets in the Oysters skill

- Flintlight (Warding) no longer damages the weapon when activated

- Bracing (Devotion) now tells you if the target is already braced

- Absolution (Devotion) no longer removes undeath

- Nuarinyu (Voice) now has a room message

- Burning marks (Shamanism) can now be replaced with others

- Mana drain of Mind Crush (Telepathy) reduced

- Smash (Hunting) no longer prones

- Saps (Shadowbinding) show a room message upon ending

- Essence cost of sacrifice self (Necromancy) reduced

- Summoning an ouroboros no longer costs full mana

- Jera now gives +int instead of +str if its owner has the Wytch profession active

- Brainmelt (Supremacy) now requires both balance and equilibrium

- Fitness has a room message now

- Flaring tablet runes now only requires one functioning arm

- Time for double suggesting (Hypnosis) increased a bit

- Blackthorn treant shred (Desecration) now also gives addiction


Penned by my hand on the 10th of Letum, in the year 13 AM.

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