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Announce News Post #2284

Phasing out endurance and willpower, part 1

Written by: Garryn
Date: Wednesday, February 27th, 2013
Addressed to: Everyone

As was already mentioned earlier, we are going to phase out endurance and willpower from the game. The first stage is now in the game.

These defences had both a mana and willpower drain. Now they only drain mana (amount remains unchanged):
- Mindcloak, Mindnet, Telesense, Hypersense, Sapience (Telepathy)
- Bloodscent (Brutality)
- Engage (Chivalry/Brutality)
- Telesense (Perception)
- Blocks (Taekate)
- Dodging, Regeneration, KaiTrance (Kaido)
- Weaving (Sabotage)
- Metawake (Survival)
- Grounding (Galvanism)
- Vigilance, Treewatch, Skywatch (Perception)
- Arrowcatching (Warding)
- Balancing (Wardance/Warding)
- Distortaura (Noctu)
- Firstaid (Hunting)

These defences now have a small mana drain instead of a willpower drain:
- Worm Tremors (Spatium/Perception)
- Deadaim (Shapeshifting/Trailblazing)

These had their willpower drain removed:
- Channels, elemental forms (Elemancy)
- Blooddrinker (Torment)
- Tidalslash absorbtion (Knifeplay)

These had their endurance drain removed:
- Juggling (Thespia)
- Wardances
- Circling, Prowess (Knifeplay)
- Windwalking (Predation)
- Rapidfire (Bowmanship)

Maintaining a mind lock (Telepathy) no longer has a continuous willpower drain - instead, there is a one-time mana cost when initiating the lock.

Starting Kaido Deliverance now has a mana cost instead of a willpower one.

More to come!


Penned by my hand on the 20th of Letum, in the year 12 AM.

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